O BLESSED UNITY! GOD ALIVE WITHIN YOU!                                                                                                     

Where there is One there are All Three Divine Persons!

 God the Father beside Jesus his Son accompanied by the Holy Spirit!

 The Triune Godhead surrounding us, and presiding at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass -- the New and Ever-lasting Covenant the Mystery of Faith!

 The Holy of Holies personally resides in your soul!

Christ claims you as his own beloved to clothe yourself in Christ.

 Come to the Eternal Banquet of Salvation, Holy Fountain of Divine Grace.

Your Great Transformation begins as you consume the Body of Christ. 

Then as you drink the Blood of Christ your soul is cleansed.

Jesus lives and reigns through the power of the Holy Eucharist.

  The Most Holy Trinity is one with their Beatitude vocation flock.

This is the Day to praise the Father, for He is always there to help you.

In the Blessed Sacrament a heavenly school is open to me, with the best teacher one can possibly imagine, Jesus Christ himself" -Blessed Pope John XXIII.

The Sanctuary Candle Lamp burns indicating Almighty God is present.

Jesus, the Eucharistic Lord of Consecrated Hosts, lives in the Tabernacle!

Christ presented Mary His Mother to John the Beloved Apostle and you.

Come join Our Blessed Mother kneeling in Adoration with a multitude of Angels before Jesus interceding on behalf of the world.

Love God and the Most Holy Eucharist -- above all -- bear fruit ten-thousand fold.