Dear Most Holy Trinity Apostle,


    Imagine a large house on a mountaintop beginning to teeter-totter. It's ready to come crashing down at any moment. Mankind sits on the edge of the abyss. Hearts are too preoccupied with the things of this world. Most people do not heed the Lord’s warnings despite their severity. The epidemic of evil is the disease of the soul. 

    Spiritual blindness, despair, gross indifference, materialism, mortal sin, hatred, relativism, greed, secular progressive humanism, cultural indoctrination, pleasure seeking have a death grip on millions. The devil is on every doorstep.  Loved ones, friends, travel the road to destruction.

    The Heavenly Father wants to bless you with Daily Trinity Apostleship. Unleash the power of the Holy Spirit. Co-Redeem in Christ. Live your faith fully. Share intimately in the Resurrection.

    As Saint Augustine writes: "Mary carried Jesus in her womb; let us carry Him in our hearts; she gave birth to the Savior; let us give birth to praise". Hail, Most Highly Graced One – filled with God’s grace – teach us how to live a life of virtue.    

    "Everything you do, everything you say, everything you think should be for love of God and love of neighbor -- everything, everything! Always to build up, never to tear down. If you live this way, you will be living in God's Will. Love is the force that can change the world." -Blessed Mother Teresa

    Take a stand in your commitment with God. Empower others to experience Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament; provide them with opportunities to utilize their time, talent, treasure to build the Kingdom. Release an ocean of grace through fellowship along the spiritual journey. Strive to preserve the Sacred Tradition of Faith. 

    Lord, place your mind-set into today’s youth. Take their brokenness, and insert it into your wounded side. As we continually pray for them to be one in Christ -- body, mind, soul, spirit. Amen.  Jesus said. “The Son of Man is Lord of the sabboth.” (Luke 6:5) Jesus is the Lord of my life taking me from exile to freedom. Guiding, testing, correcting.

    “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draw him, and I will raise him on the last day. It is written, in the prophets: ‘They all shall be taught by God.’ Everyone who listens to my Father and learns from him comes to me. Amen, amen, I say to you, whoever believes has eternal life. I am the bread of life.” (John 6: 44-45, 47-48)   

    “We know that it is in God alone that a human person finds true fulfillment. The main task for us all is that of a new evangelization aimed at helping younger generations to rediscover the true face of God, who is Love. Hope is not simply an ideal or sentiment, but a living person: Jesus Christ, the Son of God. If you find your sustenance in Christ, my dear young people, and if you live profoundly in him as did the Apostle Paul, you will not be able to resist speaking about him and making him known and loved by many of your friends and contemporaries." – Pope Benedict XVI 

   Remnant faithful, prayer warriors, Blue Army, Legion of Mary, victim souls, pro-life missionaries, believers unite. Be the Living Daily Bread of Resurrection Life! As Christ resides within you -- the Paschal Mystery unfolds – you relive the Calvary of Christ.

    St. Catherine of Siena had a mystical vision. She saw her beloved spouse, the Lord Jesus, counting out coins. She asked him, “Lord, what does this signify?” Jesus said, “My dear daughter, every time you came to receive me in Holy Communion I set aside a gold coin. Every time you did a Spiritual Communion I set aside a silver coin.” “I am the living bread that came down from heaven; whoever eats this bread will live forever; and the bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world.” (John 6:51)                                                                                                               

    A Virgin and Doctor of the Church St. Catherine shows us how to store up heavenly treasure. Come to the Holy Mass, and receive Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist! He promises Eternal Life through Holy Communion with Him! Trust the Divine Messiah, children of God!

    Fr. Martin McCormick OP, chaplain, Monastery of the Blessed Sacrament provided this spiritual nugget during a homily. “You are an Olympic athlete. Holy Communion is the Gold Medal. In Spiritual Communion you receive the Silver Medal. Always go for the Gold.”         

    “I believe that You, O Jesus, are in the most holy Sacrament. I love You and desire You. Come into my heart. I embrace You. Never leave me. May the burning and most sweet power of Your love, O Lord Jesus Christ. I beseech You, absorb my mind that I may die through love of my love.” –St. Francis of Assisi Spiritual Communion  is the spiritual unifier. God molds humble Trinity Apostles who listen to Jesus at the center of their hearts and hear His words. Many profess solemn vows. Becoming part of the Priesthood of God is their purpose in life. “You are priests -- that is why you were born. To help God make Saints.” –Archbishop Charles Chaput. Holy Orders are God’s incredible gift to his Priest Sons.  

    Almighty Father, sanctify Pope Benedict XVI so he will bring us to Eternity, with him. Supply your Priest Sons with Apostolic Preaching, paternal concern for their flock. Spiritual Fatherhood and Motherhood are lifetime blessings which produce vocations for future generations.

    "Where there is goodness God is present." -St. Augustine. “Let Israel be glad in their maker; let the children of Zion rejoice in their king. Let the high praises of God be in their throats. This is the glory of all his faithful. Alleluia.” (Psalm 149: 2, 6) 

    Most Holy Trinity Apostles are Fifth Gospels, signs of conversion, boldly proclaiming the Lord Jesus, to a faithless world.  "To know God is to love God." -St. Thomas Aquinas. Jesus attracts souls as they grow in holiness incorporating them into the Body of Christ. We are dedicated to the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church, Sacred Scripture, and Sacred Tradition as handed down from the Apostles. All should read the Four Gospels, the Psalms, the early Church fathers and papal encyclicals.

    Jesus is love and truth. Live true love. Love the truth. Be a polite, temperate, prudent, humble, obedient, courageous companion of God.                                     

    A tried and true means of obtaining Heaven includes:

    Daily Mass, preferably, at daybreak, with your Morning Offering. Read The Word Among Us or Magnificat, and meditate upon the day’s Scripture passages; listed in the Parish Bulletin. Sharing in the Divine Liturgy of Daily Mass becomes -- the greatest prayer that one can participate with the Great Triune Presence where Jesus is at the center of the worship of the Mass. As we lift up the needs of the world in these challenging yet exciting times. Only on reaching Heaven will we comprehend the power of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist who becomes our protective shield for all those we pray for. If one can attend a second Mass makes a double offering to our sovereign God.  

    Honor the Most Holy Trinity by praying twelve sets of Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be upon awaking or on the way to Holy Mass.

    A Complete Holy Rosary                   Rigorous Examination of Conscience    

    Litany of the Sacred Heart                 Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    Divine Mercy Chaplet 3pm + 2x       Memorize, pray St. Gertrude Prayer

    The Angelus (Three times a day)       Make a Holy Hour with Jesus 

    Spiritual Communion(s) each day      St. Michael Prayer in car; through day

    Living faith offers a liturgy of thanksgiving to God. “And I tell you, ask and you will receive; seek and you wall find; knock and the door will be opened to you.’ (Luke 11:9)

    "I have come to know that Holy Communion remains in me until the next Holy Communion. A vivid and clearly felt presence of God continues in my soul. My heart is a living tabernacle in which the Host is reserved. I have never sought God in some far-off place, but within my-self. It is in the depths of my own being that I commune with my God." -St. Maria Faustina of the Blessed Sacrament Frequent that Sacrament!   

    The Sacrament of Reconciliation is most beneficial on a weekly and as needed basis. Remain in Sanctifying Grace. The Lord Jesus touches you saying, “And I absolve you of your sins in the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.” Share in Divine Life. You convince others because you are convinced Christ Himself is with us.    

    Satan, the world, and the flesh are out to devour souls including your own. Removing Catholics from Jesus’ Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist is their end game. A soul not living in accordance with the Lord’s Day abandons the ‘radical newness brought by Christ’ in Holy Communion.  They become easy prey. Similarly, a Christian who is just going through the motions not firmly grounded in the Gospel.  

    Jesus Christ is gathering each soul to Himself through the Catholic Church; the Divine Spring of Sacrament Refreshment. The tremendous need we have for our Savior giving of His total self to us in our total need. “Because of this, God greatly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bend, of those in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.” (Philippians 2:9-11)

    “Jesus seeks for persons worthy of him. He seeks because there are so few, that He can scarcely find a soul sufficiently detached from the world, sufficiently interior and mortified to be worthy of His person, of His riches and of union with Him. This Wisdom to communicate Himself, is not satisfied with a half-hearted mortification, or a mortification of a few days but He requires universal, continuous, courageous and prudent mortification.” –True Devotion by St. Louis Marie de Montfort

    “Dour combat with the forces of evil requires very forceful action. Everyone needs to be a well armed soldier in God’s army. Pray like your children’s lives are on the line. When we join Christ on the Cross by always offering up our suffering it will save the world. Befriend the one that conquered death. Jesus.” –Fr. John Corapi

    "Therefore, let us pray to the Lord to enlighten us, so that, in our world, he will grant us the encounter with his presence, and thus give us a lively faith, an open heart, and great charity for all, capable of renewing the world." -Pope Benedict XVI

    St. John Chrysostom wrote: "When Mass is being celebrated, the Sanctuary is filled with countless Angels who adore the Divine Victim immolated on the altar.  These Heavenly messengers constantly intercede for us as they behold the face of God, in unceasing Adoration.”

    "O most sacred, most loving heart of Jesus, thou art concealed in the Holy Eucharist, and thou beatest for us still  . . . In worshipping thee I worship my incarnate God, my Emmanuel." –St. John Henry Neumann

   "We shall pray today in the Canon of the Mass, "Hoc est hodie" The Liturgy of Holy Thursday -- The Lord’s Supper places the word "today" into the text of the prayer, thereby emphasizing the particular dignity of this day. It was "today" that Jesus did this: he gave himself to us for ever in the Sacrament of his Body and Blood. This "today" is first and foremost the memorial of that first Paschal event. Yet, with the Canon, we enter into this "today". Our today comes into contact with his today. He does this now. 

    As she prays at this central moment, the Church is fully in tune with the event that took place in the Upper Room, when Jesus’ action is described in the words: "gratias agens benedixit -- he gave you thanks and praise". The Lord gives thanks, and in so doing gives back to God the bread, "fruit of the earth and work of human hands", so as to receive it anew from him. Thanksgiving becomes blessing. The offering that we have placed in God’s hands returns from him blessed and transformed.” –Pope Benedict XVI

    Be zealous in receiving, adoring Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar! Our Eucharistic Lord in the Monstrance is the Portal to Heaven! You grow in holy innocence as you look into the eyes of God! The greater the innocence, more resounding the praise!    

    We are an Easter people. Alleluia is our song! Desire Eternal Life! Rely on the Father who loves you. He has the perfect plan for your time on earth. Manifest the Triune God to his sons and daughters.

    Jesus is Daily Apostleship personified. Prayerful, selfless, humble, most loving generous, falling down in adoration, always seeking God’s kingship over Him, faithful to every word His Father speaks.

    Fr. John Hardon’s battle-cry is clear, “There is so much to be done.” “Now is the time for action. Now is the time to fight this spiritual war. Now is the time to amend your life.” Find the real Jesus Christ! Don't let go! Be His Trinity Apostle! Become His Saint!                                               

    Most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pray for Us!